Ngeringa is a certified biodynamic vineyard and winery specialising in classic, fine wines that are full of vitality and born of tradition.

The Ngeringa Story

Our vineyards are located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, South Australia, a region reputed for producing some of Australia’s most elegant cool climate wines.

Winemaker, Erinn Klein and co-founder, Janet Klein create Ngeringa wines, oil and vegetables on their farm which they have nurtured with great care. Originally part of the world-renowned Jurlique herb farm, their land has been certified biodynamic for more than 20 years. Ngeringa is one of Australia’s original biodynamic winegrowing pioneers.

You can feel and see it when you arrive. A vitality… a sense of nourishment and harmony, that lingers and inspires. This is a place where nature’s elements are allowed to work together to create wines that are impressionable and delightful – wines made with biodynamic farming and intuitive wine making.

It’s what lies within that makes this vineyard different. Ngeringa is passionate about ecological, biodynamic wine growing and everything they do and have created revolves around this belief…  small, closely planted vines, a simple, straw bale winery, a farm – entwined with the vineyard – of Scottish Highland cows, sheep and chickens, an abundant paddock of veggies and extensive revegetation plantings.

And working with the cycles and rhythms of nature, allows the soil, the site and the season to be expressed in each wine.

The result is wine that is bursting with vitality, depth of flavour and delicacy, a wine that expresses the care with which it was made. Each wine reflects its place of origin from Ngeringa with authenticity and integrity. These are wines to be enjoyed and savoured – leaving you feeling that all is right with your world.

  • Biodynamics & Revegetation

    Certified since 1993, we are fervent practitioners of biodynamic wine growing, sensitive to the rhythms of nature, the health of the soil and the connection between plant, animal and cosmos.

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  • Vineyards

    Our vineyards are the essence of our wine and biodynamics is the path along which we allow their character to shine. We aim to capture fruit with vitality and integrity, crafting wines that reflect their origins.

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We allow the soil, the site, the season and the variety to express itself in our wines.